Square Enix Prepare New RPG Game for Console

You game enthusiasts with the Role-Playing Game (RPG) genre are certainly familiar with the works of Square Enix like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Yes, the two games are indeed very popular in the market.

Surely not a few of you are looking forward to the new titles Square Enix garapa in the future. The good news, in the near Square Enix again will release the latest RPG game that this time is intended specifically for the console and get roblox generator .

Interestingly, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda mentioned that this RPG game is not a remake. Unfortunately he himself has not wanted to give more leaks. Then, when will Square Enix plan to introduce this game?

“We are currently preparing an RPG game for home consoles that are not a remake. In December, we will make an official announcement, “Matsuda said. Matsuda’s statement is then linked to rumors about JRPG game made by Square Enix which reportedly will be released exclusively for PS4.

Not only that, Matsuda also explained that there will be some other roblox games from Square Enix are ready to slide in the future. “To avoid misunderstanding, among the titles there are also various games aimed at smartphones and PCs,” he added.

After the RPG games for the console to be introduced in December 2014, Square Enix does not forget to make sure that other titles will begin to be announced since early 2015. How? What RPG Games do you expect most from this project? Please be Valkyrie Profile 3 or Xenogears 2, or Vagrant Story 2 .. That would be epic!

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