Sony Shuts off Playstation Mobile for Android

The opportunity to enjoy interactive multimedia content such as video games on a small device is certainly a concept that sounded decades ago. But technological developments allow mobile phones and tablets today to work with even more powerful performance than the previous one or two generations of consoles. The result? We find mobile games with a visual quality that deserves thumbs up, regardless of the fact whether it is comfortable to play or not. This is the future that is actually awaited by Sony through their Playstation Mobile features. But instead of growing big, Sony officially just turn off this service, at least on the Android operating system-based devices and visit NBA Live Mobile.

Sony finally officially announced the stop of Playstation Mobile support for Android devices. Playstation Mobile itself was launched in 2012 ago as a space for developers to market their games on devices that carry this feature, without going through a complex certification process.
Sony announced the dismissal of Playstation Mobile service and support on Android-based mobile devices. Fortunately, this service remains in PS Vita and Get NBA Live Mobile .

This service will be turned off for Android 4.4.3 devices upwards, with no guarantee of game stability. Devices with Android L will not even be able to access the Playstation Mobile store at all. Sony also will not provide “Playstation Certified” status for any future Android devices. But fortunately, this service is still available and will continue to be supported on PS Vita and Vita TV.

Sony also encourages developers on the Playstation Mobile to start switching and glance at their latest handheld – PS Vita as a new and exciting gaming medium. How about you? How many of you had time to taste this Playstation Mobile service?

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