Sony Leaking Release Date Watch Dogs & Roblox?

Mention one of your most-anticipated game titles this year! Of course not a few of you who answered Watch Dogs. Ubisoft Montreal game is sure to slide for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Although already a lot of information about the Roblox gameplay and trailers are released, there is no confirmation when exactly Watch Dogs released to the market. The latest news says that Ubisoft is scheduling the second quarter or about April to June.

Although Ubisoft has not officially announced, Sony Entertainment Network has installed June 30, 2014 as the launch date of Watch Dogs. In the website SEN also looks this game dibanderol for USD 59.99 for the PS3 version.

The date on display by Sony is not yet ascertained the truth. The reason, Sony sometimes install a specific date for games that can be purchased in pre-order. When Ubisoft announces the official release schedule, the dates on the NES can follow and get Roblox hack on robloxhack2017.

Previously there is news that says that the launch date of Watch Dogs will be revealed along with the latest trailer. Unfortunately, until now the trailer has not yet appeared. Update information for the press from Ubisoft is usually present at 17.00 (local time) every day. We will soon give further reports once Ubisoft announces something related to Watch Dogs. Just wait!

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