Secret Character Ultra Street Fighter IV & nba live mobile Finally Open!

One game with new versions being released over and over without a significant overhaul for gamers who do not follow it, many of you may be confused by Capcom’s policy of continuing to exploit Street Fighter IV. As other developers begin to move on to new generation platforms, Capcom continues to re-release the 2009 game in various versions, usually marked by the presence of new characters and of course – better balancing. The result? It’s been two gliding series – Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV – Arcade Edition, and it will not stop there. Capcom has long confirmed the presence of the “latest” series – nba live mobile which reportedly will slide in 2014.

In addition to the process of re-balancing the characters to create a more reliable competitive atmosphere, Capcom is preparing some new things in this Ultra version. Opportunity to use the character versions of the previous series and of course the presence of new characters. Interesting? In addition to four familiar characters: Rolento, Elena, Hugo, and Poison who have been introduced through a series of trailers, Capcom also claims to bring a completely new fifth character and has never appeared in previous nba live mobile hack – free coins games. This mystery is finally solved.

After a long wait, Capcom finally introduced the fifth character for Ultra Street Fighter IV. A member of the women’s special forces from Bison “The Dolls”, this fifth character is Decapre. With a physical form similar to Cammy, Decapre comes up with masks and claws as the main weapon. Had come as a cameo in the old series, for the first time Decapre can be used in the fight. Despite carrying several sets of moves similar to Cammy, Capcom claims that Decapre will require you to play in different styles. nba live mobile is currently 85% complete and still may continue to change until the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV is released.

Ultra Street Fighter IV itself is scheduled to be released in June 2014 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as PC version in August. How about you? Will the presence of Decapre will be able to attract you to have Ultra Street Fighter IV?

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