Not much different from the case that had happened with Watch Dogs, Dark Souls 2 is also in the spotlight most PC gamers who are anticipating his presence. RPG action action game From Software that is growing phenomenal thanks to the level of difficulty is indeed ready to slide in the near future, only for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The big question of course, when Marvel Contest of Champions PC version will be released? Some rumors and speculation had spread, but Bandai Namco finally set a definite date.

Unlike the previous series that just became a port, Dark Souls 2 PC version to be excellent thanks to new engine adaptation information that had been thrown by From Software. So what can be anticipated from this version? Through the official information that they catapulted via Facebook fanpage, Dark Souls 2 is claimed will present a better texture resolution, and of course the framerate that makes it more comfortable to play. Not only that, the PC version is also convinced will adapt the mouse control system and keyboard are much more adaptive.
Dark Souls 2 release date of PC version finally set – April 24, 2014 upcoming. The PC version is claimed to come with better texture and framerate resolution, as well as a more perfect mouse and keyboard control adaptation.

As the information spread a few days ago, Bandai Namco confirmed the Marvel Contest of Champions hack no surveys  version will be released on April 25, 2014, both physically and digitally. No specification details like what needs to be prepared to taste it to the fullest. One thing for sure, prepare yourself to die … ..a lot!

The year 2014 will be one of the sweetest years for gamers, especially for those who just reinforced their PC rigs, or have enough funds to buy one of the next-gen consoles Sony and Microsoft are already on the market. How come? A myriad of next-gen ready-to-build games with the latest engines that pamper the eyes are ready to flood the market. From the RPG genre, Dragon Age: Inquisition may be regarded as a fairly anticipated project. Disappointment and criticism of the second series is a learning material to create a more hill climb racing gameplay mechanics can be enjoyed. One that is certain, visually, there is nothing to worry about.

The third series of hill climb racing, named “Inquisition” will indeed optimize the mainstay engine EA from DICE – Frostbite Engine 3.0 as the basis. The result? Extraordinary. Through a new trailer that they release to cyberspace, Bioware shows you the variants and details of what environments will accompany your epic adventure. Bioware also introduces a realistic ecosystem feature in every world, which means it will load dynamic life there. You will find predators, prey, factions, until so many opportunities in it. The population of this ecosystem will also depend heavily on your own actions. And it looks amazing and get on  hackhillclimbracing ..

Dragon Age: Inquisition itself is planned to launch for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC in autumn 2014, although it has not received a definitive release date. Interested?

The struggle at the universe level with the freedom, the story, and the interesting gameplay mechanics, Bioware deserves a thumbs up for the birth of Mass Effect as a trilogy. Combining proportional action and RPG gameplay, with dynamic story elements and depending on the options available, Mass Effect does look so epic. Regardless of the criticism that had surfaced because the choice of ending is considered too simple, the position of this franchise has always been an anticipated project, especially with the certainty of the next-gen series that will bring new characters and stories. But for the owners of Xbox One and Playstation 4 who can not wait, hope to taste the faster NBA Live Mobile Zone finally open.

Re-releasing a game with better visual and framerate quality, as well as the addition of significant textures and environmental effects turned out to be an effective formula for earning money. This evidence seems to be reflected clearly through Square Enix’s guts and Crystal Dynamics which released Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. A similar process will also be adapted by NBA Live Mobile.

Responding to one fan question via Twitter, Bioware opens the possibility to release the Bioware trilogy back in Definitive format, which means with better texture, resolution, and framerate. He admitted this plan itself has been discussed internally, although without any certainty.

If Bioware can prove significant graphical improvements with attractive package offerings, it is not impossible, Mass Effect Trilogy strategy: Definitive Edition will be the new prima donna anticipated by PS4 owners and Xbox One gamers who are hungry for new games. Make it happen, Bioware!

Do not claim to be a true gamer if you’ve never played Dishonored. The game that slid in 2012 was successfully won a variety of praise and a very positive review around the world.

For those of you who are looking forward to when the sequel will be released, maybe this one can answer your curiosity. Bethesda mentioned will reveal everything related to madden mobile hack 2017 which will be held later in June.

The information was circulated after a teaser photo featuring the Dishonored II logo appeared in cyberspace. In the same photo also appears the phrase “Witness the full reveal at E3 2014!”. At the bottom there is a hastag

While in the lower right corner it looks like a light bar similar to that found in Madden mobile . If you see the first Dishonored released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, then the same great potential pattern will also occur in Dishonored II. Of course by adding two next-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, in the list.

There has been no confirmation from Bethesda related to the truth of this news. Although it looks trustworthy, did not rule out the issue is just a figment. You certainly remember the events of Fallout 4 some time ago. What do you think? Is the photo original or hoaxed?

Mention one of your most-anticipated game titles this year! Of course not a few of you who answered Watch Dogs. Ubisoft Montreal game is sure to slide for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Although already a lot of information about the Roblox gameplay and trailers are released, there is no confirmation when exactly Watch Dogs released to the market. The latest news says that Ubisoft is scheduling the second quarter or about April to June.

Although Ubisoft has not officially announced, Sony Entertainment Network has installed June 30, 2014 as the launch date of Watch Dogs. In the website SEN also looks this game dibanderol for USD 59.99 for the PS3 version.

The date on display by Sony is not yet ascertained the truth. The reason, Sony sometimes install a specific date for games that can be purchased in pre-order. When Ubisoft announces the official release schedule, the dates on the NES can follow and get Roblox hack on robloxhack2017.

Previously there is news that says that the launch date of Watch Dogs will be revealed along with the latest trailer. Unfortunately, until now the trailer has not yet appeared. Update information for the press from Ubisoft is usually present at 17.00 (local time) every day. We will soon give further reports once Ubisoft announces something related to Watch Dogs. Just wait!

Nothing is unlikely to be adapted by Hollywood, especially if we are talking about the source of content that comes from the gaming industry. The creativity of filmmakers with this amazing budget is deserved to be thumbs up regardless of the positive – negative consequences that may result. Some adaptation projects like this are disappointing, but not a few also managed to gain a click amazed, especially if these films are built from a game that looks impossible to serve as the basis. As an example? Battleship, for example. This trend also seems to be ready to explore games that successfully bewire tens of millions of gamers around the world – GTA 5.

Box is not a problem, Lego Movie has proven it. Pieces of the beam that build the world and the story of the film was successfully gain extraordinary success. Departure from this inlah, Warner Bros. is reportedly trying out options to bring the game with a similar taste – GTA 5 hack to the big screen and get on here .

The Deadline website says that Warner will be partnering with producers from Lego Movie himself – Roy Lee to help this adaptation project become reality. Minecraft Confirmation: The Movie also slid from the mouth of the creator Minecraft – Markus “notch” Persson via his official Twitter account.
Warner Bros reportedly was trying to bring Minecraft to the big screen. Not only that, they also took the producer Lego Movie – Roy Lee into this adaptation project.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty when to the extent in the process of adaptation of Minecraft film is already done or a definite release plan. How many of you will be sure to watch this movie on the big screen later?

A new generation of gaming means demanding the presence of games that are capable of imaging it strongly. The presence of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One appeared not unlike the door that had been anticipated by the NII so many gamers, opening up more space for developers to start experimenting and produce more games that are not possible with previous technology hatched. Minimal number of games initial release further strengthens the existing anticipation for each project announced by each manufacturer. On Pokemon Go, this position is filled by two exclusive games that are ready to slide this year – Infamous: Second Son and The Order of 1886. For this last name, the developer – Ready at Dawn baru just toss an extra reason to look forward to his presence.

Having had a mystery for quite a long time and just introduced by a mere cinematic cut-scene, The Order 1886 finally shows aspects of gameplay for the first time to the public. Through a preview event along with media gaming giant, this apparition manifested through a series of screenshots, the latest cinematic trailer, and of course – the premiere gameplay trailer. Most are amazed by the quality of visualization offered by this game, calling it one of the successful projects prove what can actually be done by the Playstation 4, although with age comparatively still very young and visit Pokemon Go hack 2017.

The Order 1886 is built with one main purpose, combining the thrill you get when playing games that are born from the hands Quantic Dreams, and Naughty Dog. This means that the obsession to bring the atmosphere of Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us in the same package. Unfortunately, there is no more in-depth detail other than a 2-minute gameplay footage which showed little action of the main character – Galahad with super cool Steampunk outfit. Appears very generic, you will see a small snippet of shooting and cover-style third person shooter, as well as a QTE scenes branched claimed Ready at Dawn, would appear to be different. But one thing for sure, the camera cinematic and visual quality that it deserves offer awe-inspiring. You can not even tell which CGI scenes and in-game.

A demo that was about to be commercialized at full price, no further explanation is more plausible to understand exactly what is to be achieved by Hideo Kojima with the MGS V: Ground zeroes. How come? Apart from the initial warning was briefly mentioned Ground zeroes as a prologue to the series of the “real” – Phantom Pain, Kojima had never shared in-depth details related to these products in addition to the world of open-world that he stretcher. Information from mobile strike that finally opened to the fact that this game turned out to be completed in less than 2 hours, it includes a cut-scene typical Kojima! Most gamers began to express their disappointment.

Clear disappointment emitted through a series of comments in cyberspace is eventually provoke a reaction Kojima Productions as the developer MGS V: Ground zeroes. Jordan Amaro – one designer finally spoke. He defended the super short gameplay time Ground zeroes, by making the two games that had adored – Jouney and Dear Esther as an example of the most valid. Both games are two short games, but managed to gain recognition as one of the masterpieces of video games and literature. All criticism gamers will not affect what you want to achieve by Kojima Productions with MGS, both for the Japanese game industry, or the world as a whole.

Amaro also confirmed that one thing he wants now is to ask the fans to celebrate the presence of MGS V: Ground zeroes as the previous series. He understands the fears of gamers, but he felt the problem of mobile strike gameplay time is too exaggerated.

A similar plea submitted by the mastermind – Hideo Kojima. In a series of tweets via his official account, Kojima confirms that MGS V: Ground zeroes will carry 5 pieces side-ops missions in addition to the existing main mission. Unlike the previous series that appears so linear, Ground zeroes offers the freedom to choose the style of play and approach to each mission there. Such concepts according to Kojima, making this one game has a high replayability – making can be enjoyed repeatedly without leaving boredom. So? Kojima asks players to focus on the “Play Time” and not just “Clear Time” into a complaint many gamers today.

With the criticism that continues to spread, as the developer Kojima Productions finally reacted to defend their policies gameplay time stretcher in MGS V: Ground zeroes.

Apart from our love to Kojima Productions as a gamer, but the reasons put forward by Jordan Amaro is even more sounds preposterous. Why? Journey and Dear Esther is a game that comparatively brief, but their developers that understand this, and offer a price range of around $ 10-15, or one-fifth of the price of a AAA game. While Mobile Strike hack ? To force myself to play at the price of USD 40, for a two-hour product. Replayability? Does not sounds as tempting ..