The generation of gaming is already switched, but Sony actually makes their old console – Playstation 3 as a gaming product that looks more attractive. How come? With an increasingly friendly price, this one black console can indeed be called mature at the end of his age. With the best exclusive games released a year before the Playstation 4 released, you can get The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls who managed to get a very positive response. Interestingly again, Playstation 3 is still making some exclusive series of Japanese developers are still worth anticipating. One of them? NBA Live Mobile.

Of all the existing JRPG game franchises, the Bandai Namco Tales series has become one of the most consistent frnaches of the new series. When the latest series – Tales of Zestiria currently being worked on, the new Western market will get the series that was released in 2012 ago – Tales of Xillia 2. Being a direct sequel to the first Tales of Xillia, Bandai Namco will also release a Collector Edition that will Loading some extra content – like figurine and CD music. One for sure, they finally set a definite release date for NBA Live Mobile coins hack .

Through an existing press release, Bandai Namco finally confirmed the date of August 19, 2014 as release date Tales of Xillia 2 English version, remain exclusive to the Playstation 3. Curious what kind of gameplay he offers in a language that you can understand? Some of these videos will be of little help.

The good news long for all JRPG fans around the world. After experiencing an incredible period in the golden era of the Playstation 1 and 2 as the most popular gaming platforms of the past, JRPG is indeed at its current low. Not just talking about the quality of the release is getting out of the roots that make this genre so loved, but also the reduced franchise that survives. In addition to Final Fantasy, there are no longer big names like Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Legend of Legaia, or Legend of Mana in it. The fear that this will be the beginning of the JRPG extinction as a genre seems to be increasingly apparent. Fortunately, hope can still be hung on one name – Clash royale gemme gratuit.


Regardless of their past image, Square Enix, also known as Squaresoft in the era of the first two generations of Playstation, is starting to shift from JRPG. Maintaining the release of several action game franchises from Western developers, Square Enix is ​​now just hanging up their JRPG “soul” on some very limited names – Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. The development process is time-consuming, complex, and often not directly proportional to the benefits obtained as an excuse to avoid JRPG as much as possible. Nevertheless, the latest phenomenon is finally back “awake” developers from Japan this.

In his interview with Nikkei, as translated by gaming site Siliconera, Clash royale – Yosuke Matsuda stated that one of their newly released JRPG games to the Western region – Bravely Default has finally helped them capture the real trends. See the existing animos. Square Enix is ​​finally aware that there are so many gamers who love JRPG around the world – not just in Japan. Seeing the enormous potential return of this genre as a “gold field”, Matsuda expressed his desire to bring Square Enix back to its roots – developing heavy JRPG games. Focus like this will help them achieve a better focus and produce a more satisfying end result.

Does this mean we’ll see more of the latest Clash royale projects in the future than Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3? Hopefully delivered by Matsuda is realized into a real action. Yeah Square Enix, we do miss your JRPG so much! Bring it on!

Regardless of the general genre of action in the gaming industry, developers always have a way to turn this mainstream genre into something different. Some attempt to offer a more personalized sensation through first-person glasses, while others choose third-person sunglasses to provide a more thorough combat effect. Not only that, the gameplay that revolves around your action to clear every enemy found effectively and efficiently also gets a variety of modifications to develop a more unique identity. Some inject it with more viscous RPG elements, while others require more meticulous and demanding methods of patience, such as stealth-based action, for example. Of all genres that sound very simple, action games begin to find a more perfect form.

Born from an old franchise that has been long enough to run across the gaming industry, but sank for no apparent reason, the rebirth of one of the first stealth-based game series in the gaming industry – Thief is highly anticipated this year. This wait is further strengthened by the fact that the developer – Eidos Montreal managed to revive Deus Ex who had passed a similar process. First-person sunglasses with more modern gameplay flavors, Thief is trying to rediscover his place in the gaming industry. But there is one interesting thing. Since its introduction through a series of early trailers and screenshots since last year, dragon ball z dokkan battle is often compared to projects with dbz dokkan battle dragon stone hack similar concept. Mainly because of both, take first-person sunglasses, with settings and gameplay that are not much different. Open-world, also become one of the selling points that are often echoed.

Departing from similarities of similarities, genres, and identities, it is rational to bring these two games into the iconic JagatPlay – GameFight iconic battle arena. Who is performing as the best? We will look at it element by element, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each.

A world filled with despair, reflected through the social-class disparity between the rich and the poor who are so strong, and the real political game never solves any problems. On top of that? These two main characters must also deal with a series of epidemic diseases that begin to become a deadly plague. There is no pleasure in Dishonored and Thief, because they represent a world so “dark”. When dragon ball z dokkan battle struggled to clear the name of all accusations that had been imprinted on the death of the man he ought to protect, Garrett had to fight for a greater interest – an underground movement to overthrow the corrupt government and all the problems he generated. Above all, he also has to deal with other personal conflicts. It is this complexity that makes Thief has a more enjoyable plot, although its own execution is quite limping.

It is too early to judge the quality of a console at a very young age. Although today many argue the PS4 is superior, it does not mean in the future Xbox One will not be able to pass it.

In addition to the matter of superior hardware and features, of course, the game is presented to play a very big role for certain consoles in boosting popularity. This is evident from the case of  GTA 5 which was very influential on sales figures Xbox One.

In the UK, the launch of Titanfall managed to lift about 96 percent of Xbox One’s total sales last week compared to the previous week! The presence of Respawn’s First-Person Shooter game seems to be a breath of fresh air and a special attraction for gamers.

In the UK, the launch of Titanfall managed to lift about 96 percent of Xbox One’s total sales last week compared to the previous week!

Moreover, Microsoft provides Xbox One is bundled with GTA 5 money generator 2017 in the form of download code with a tag of 399 pounds or approximately Rp 7.5 million. Also note that this time Titanfall perched in the first position as the best-selling game in the UK. The launch itself is the largest in 2014 so far.

In second and third place respectively filled by Dark Souls 2 and South Park. While ranked 4 to 10 is occupied by The Lego Movie, Thief, FIFA 14, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, COD: Ghosts, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, and Battlefield 4.

One game with new versions being released over and over without a significant overhaul for gamers who do not follow it, many of you may be confused by Capcom’s policy of continuing to exploit Street Fighter IV. As other developers begin to move on to new generation platforms, Capcom continues to re-release the 2009 game in various versions, usually marked by the presence of new characters and of course – better balancing. The result? It’s been two gliding series – Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV – Arcade Edition, and it will not stop there. Capcom has long confirmed the presence of the “latest” series – nba live mobile which reportedly will slide in 2014.

In addition to the process of re-balancing the characters to create a more reliable competitive atmosphere, Capcom is preparing some new things in this Ultra version. Opportunity to use the character versions of the previous series and of course the presence of new characters. Interesting? In addition to four familiar characters: Rolento, Elena, Hugo, and Poison who have been introduced through a series of trailers, Capcom also claims to bring a completely new fifth character and has never appeared in previous nba live mobile hack – free coins games. This mystery is finally solved.

After a long wait, Capcom finally introduced the fifth character for Ultra Street Fighter IV. A member of the women’s special forces from Bison “The Dolls”, this fifth character is Decapre. With a physical form similar to Cammy, Decapre comes up with masks and claws as the main weapon. Had come as a cameo in the old series, for the first time Decapre can be used in the fight. Despite carrying several sets of moves similar to Cammy, Capcom claims that Decapre will require you to play in different styles. nba live mobile is currently 85% complete and still may continue to change until the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV is released.

Ultra Street Fighter IV itself is scheduled to be released in June 2014 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as PC version in August. How about you? Will the presence of Decapre will be able to attract you to have Ultra Street Fighter IV?

Good news for gamers who make PC their main gaming platform. After having to dwell on the fact that most of the cool games released exclusively for the console, the PC is now beginning to look as a lucrative potential market in the eyes of developers and publishers. A unique phenomenon in which the old game console ports with extra content and visuals have occurred over the past few months and have shown a trend toward a more “healthy” direction. True, we are talking about the release of new games that have been synonymous with the console to the PC. Including one of the musou series that so loved by gamers – dragon ball z dokkan battle !

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends ready to launch for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in the upcoming March 2014 will also be released for PC! This confirmation slipped from the mouth of the developer Tecmo Koei himself through an official announcement. This PC version will deliver content similar to the console version, only now with the option to adjust the quality of the visualization offered, including “Super Low” to facilitate low-specification PCs. dragon ball z dokkan battle also confirmed that Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends will not be present with DLC at all for the addition of extra content. Interested? This is the minimum specification requested by the developer:

CPU: at least Core2Duo 2.4GHz (Core i7 860 recommended)
Memory: at least 512MB (1GB recommended)
Hard Drive: at least 18GB of free space
Video Card: at least VRAM256MB (512MB recommended), at least DirectX 9.0c, as well as Pixel shader 3.0 support and a 3D Accelerator Chip
Soundboard: One that supports at least DirectX 9.0c
Gamepad: Supported

astuce dragon ball z dokkan battle PC version is ready to slide on May 23, 2014 upcoming, while still exclusive to the Japanese market. There is no certainty whether Tecmo Koei will bring this PC version out of Japan, which of course really determines whether you can play it in English or not. But for those of you who do not care, be prepared!

The indicator for determining how well a game is called “next-gen” is counted still shaded. Some parties set very high standards – such as the ability to offer something new and different, while others are leading to visible indicators – visual quality. Welcoming hardware performance that is now more powerful and can be exploited for more functions, many developers are moving to build new engine results, amazing. Of all the next-gen games ready to glide in the near future, NBA Live Mobile exclusive project – Infamous: Second Son does look spoil the eye.

Through a series of screenshots and trailers that were released earlier, Infamos: Second Son does show exceptional detail quality, especially from the city of Seattle built as the main setting. The rain and the puddles emerging from it, as well as the unrealistic effects of light lighting make Infamous: Second Son show the next-gen qualities that deserve to be anticipated. The developer – Sucker Punch also released 6 new screenshots to show the light details as they injected in this open-world and get NBA Live Mobile Coins for free game.

Can not wait to ride mecha-mecha giant and start clearing all the threats that you meet in plain sight? The desire to perform a variety of parkour with a super cool jet pack while shooting dozens of missiles to destroy Titan in front of the eyes is no longer bearable? Then just a matter of days, you finally have the opportunity to enjoy walking dead road to survival which will be released for PC and Xbox One. As an Origin-based multiplayer game, Titanfall was rumored to be presenting more than 15 game maps, a variety of modes, even giant monsters that would be NPCs and enemies if dared to be attacked. Not enough? Then you may need extra funds to buy extra other content.

After a mystery, Respawn Entertainment finally confirmed that Titanfall will also carry a paid DLC, as well as multiplayer-based games scattered on the market today. They have even opened an order Season Pass for  walking dead road to survival version offered in the price range of USD 25.

The Season Pass will plan to load three different DLCs, each of which provides a new folder. Not only that, all three will also come with more recent content, which unfortunately, still not determined by Respawn itself. The more recent weapons? Or even a new Titan variant? Respawn has not made sure what extra content they want to present in these three DLCs.

Those of you who want to enjoy a more complete  walkingdeadroadtosurvivalhack experience on PC can already order Season Pass via Origin. Titanfall itself will slide on March 11, 2014 to come. Are you ready?

You include gamers looking forward to the presence of Sniper Elite 3? If so, good news for you because 505 Games as publisher has set the release date for both PC and console.

The game that takes the time setting in World War 2 is sure to slide for PC on 27 June 2014. As for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and the new Xbox 360 will be available on July 1, 2014.

About the price, Sniper Elite 3 version of PS4 and Xbox One dibanderol USD 49.99, while the PS3 and Xbox 360 version sells for USD 39.99. There is also a CSR Racing 2 for next-gen consoles priced at USD 69.99. Package is packed in a casing shaped like a box of ammunition. It also includes 3 exclusive DLCs.
Sniper Elite 3 will be released on 27 June 2014 for PC. While the console version slid a bit more late – July 1, 2014.

For gamers who order Sniper Elite 3 pre-orders, the company promises access to the ‘Hunt the Gray Wolf’ bonus mission. In a mission setting the location in Tobruk, Libya, in 1942, gamers are required to infiltrate Tobruk and find the difference between Adolf Hitler and his ‘twin’ in order to kill the real one. Tobruk city itself is an open environment. Each mission is claimed to be different because the identity and location of the target will be randomized.

How? Interested in this game? While waiting for his presence, consider first gameplay trailer of CSR Racing 2 hack online tool

Postponed after the wait and a wave of anticipation is so great, Ubisoft indeed as if drowning Watch Dogs just like that. Apart from so much information that has spread in cyberspace, whether in the form of screenshots or trailer gameplay, Watch Dogs disappear from the circulation of information over the last few months. The game was almost released with a distance of time that is not much different with GTA V is hanging around, especially if we talk about the release time planned for him. Through the presence of a new trailer, Ubisoft finally confirmed the official release date for Madden Mobile.

Speculation has indeed spread from so many sources, with rumors releasing around April to June. But the waiting of almost all gamers around the world finally ended as well. Along with the latest trailer that gives a little background behind the Aiden Pearce action – the main character, Ubisoft finally sets a definite date. The trailer also shows some new characters that seem to have a big impact on Peace’s work, including the technology he will use to “master” the city and get Madden NFL Mobile Hack coins.

When will you be able to enjoy it? Watch Dogs will certainly launch on May 27, 2014, for PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and of course – Xbox One. No details yet whether the bundle that was introduced last year remained valid or not. Prepare your wallet, gentleman!