Minecraft and GTA 5 Towards Big Screen!

Nothing is unlikely to be adapted by Hollywood, especially if we are talking about the source of content that comes from the gaming industry. The creativity of filmmakers with this amazing budget is deserved to be thumbs up regardless of the positive – negative consequences that may result. Some adaptation projects like this are disappointing, but not a few also managed to gain a click amazed, especially if these films are built from a game that looks impossible to serve as the basis. As an example? Battleship, for example. This trend also seems to be ready to explore games that successfully bewire tens of millions of gamers around the world – GTA 5.

Box is not a problem, Lego Movie has proven it. Pieces of the beam that build the world and the story of the film was successfully gain extraordinary success. Departure from this inlah, Warner Bros. is reportedly trying out options to bring the game with a similar taste – GTA 5 hack to the big screen and get on here http://gta5hack2017.com .

The Deadline website says that Warner will be partnering with producers from Lego Movie himself – Roy Lee to help this adaptation project become reality. Minecraft Confirmation: The Movie also slid from the mouth of the creator Minecraft – Markus “notch” Persson via his official Twitter account.
Warner Bros reportedly was trying to bring Minecraft to the big screen. Not only that, they also took the producer Lego Movie – Roy Lee into this adaptation project.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty when to the extent in the process of adaptation of Minecraft film is already done or a definite release plan. How many of you will be sure to watch this movie on the big screen later?

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