LINE SEAL Mobile Review

Perhaps for those of you who were born as a cafe in 2005, must have been familiar with MMORPG SEAL Online game released by LYTO, this game is very popular because it has a very unique gameplay compared to other MMORPG games, with funny and cute characters, you can play Together from hunting together, going out, having a pet, and fishing to get interesting items.

Now you can play the game on mobile device you know! The reason LINE together Funigloo CO., Ltd. has released SEAL Mobile which is now available for Android smartphone devices, while for IOS will soon follow and get on NBA Live Mobile.

Previously LINE SEAL Mobile was only named Project S and only available in Korea only, but after a long wait finally LINE has officially released SEAL Mobile for the three Southeast Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan. This game was developed by the developer Funigloo CO., Ltd. to answer the longing of the cafe gamers who have played the MMORPG game on PC and can now be played on smartphone devices.

LINE SEAL Mobile is quite different from the SEAL Online version ever present on PC, where in this game you will be able to feel some new features that certainly make it easier for gamers to do many things at once. Even so, you will still feel the excitement of open world game wrapped with colorful 3D graphics, so it is not boring although played for hours.

You can exclave all the regions inside freely, but make sure the characters that are played have met the requirements in order to access the region. There are two regions in NBA Live Mobile, the PvP region that allows you to fight with other gamers, the PvE region that is the region that requires you to complete the adventure that has been provided.

Because this game was released by LINE, then before you start playing, you also have to download and install LINE service on smartphone. Point to be able to “log in” in SEAL Mobile using LINE ID owned. After that, you can just start playing this cute and fun MMORPG game.

For those of you who are beginners and not yet familiar with SEAL, it turns out at the beginning of the game there is a brief tutorial that is very helpful. Where you are taught to know some of the accesses used during the game, such as the “speed” and “automatic” buttons that are the mainstay of mobile games today, so gamers do not have to bother holding hold of his smartphone. In addition, you will also be taught to access some features, such as improving the ability of characters used, upgrade weapons, undergo daily quests, and more.

If you miss hunting by moving your own character, then in LINE SEAL Mobile also provide it. You can use one of the main characters and do adventures like on a PC. However, you can also feel the thrill of a team battle that contains 3 hero characters in completing the dungeon or PvP mode.

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