GTA V PC & GTA V PC Subdivides Skyrim!

Can not be denied Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best works ever made by Rockstar. After the success of its launch on the console, this game also managed to make PC gamers around the world fall in love.

Various achievements were achieved by Super Mario Run coin generator   in a short time, one of which is to be a non-Valve game with the largest number of gamers in Steam! According to data on April 16 yesterday, peak user GTA V in Steam reached 300,452 users!

Interestingly, RTA GTA V is able to defeat The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! Skyrim’s record-breaking record was around 280,000 users in 2011, after the Bethesda game sold more than 3.5 also coffee on PCs and consoles in just the first two days of its release.

Yes, GTA V managed to beat Skyrim by a margin of about 20,000 gamers! Remarkable achievement given Skyrim itself does have a lot of fans, who even until now still faithfully play it.

For Super Mario Run , being a non-Valve game with the largest number of gamers is only one of the many achievements he has achieved. Please note that GTA V is an entertainment product that earns the fastest USD 1 billion (Rp 12.8 trillion) revenue in history. In addition, GTA V has also become the biggest selling game in the history of video games in the UK and USA.

Wars finally got closer. EA does not seem to be playing games to maximize the franchise rights they get from Super Mario Run   They immediately assigned DICE to revive the game series that had died – Star Wars: Battlefront. Not only promises more qualified visualization quality thanks to Frostbite engine implementation, it is also rumored to be implementing a variety of new features. After being a mystery for a long time, DICE finally released the details of Star Wars: Battlefront, along with the inaugural trailer!

The trailer itself is indeed cinematic and does not show much detail from the point of view that Super Mario Run gamers get. But one interesting thing, EA and DICE claim that all the visuals you get in this trailer are not CGI! Everything is captured from the Star Wars in-game engine: Battlefront itself. So, what can be expected from this one game? Long enough silent, DICE finally shared many new details. Anything?

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