GameFight: dragon ball z dokkan battle VS Thief

Regardless of the general genre of action in the gaming industry, developers always have a way to turn this mainstream genre into something different. Some attempt to offer a more personalized sensation through first-person glasses, while others choose third-person sunglasses to provide a more thorough combat effect. Not only that, the gameplay that revolves around your action to clear every enemy found effectively and efficiently also gets a variety of modifications to develop a more unique identity. Some inject it with more viscous RPG elements, while others require more meticulous and demanding methods of patience, such as stealth-based action, for example. Of all genres that sound very simple, action games begin to find a more perfect form.

Born from an old franchise that has been long enough to run across the gaming industry, but sank for no apparent reason, the rebirth of one of the first stealth-based game series in the gaming industry – Thief is highly anticipated this year. This wait is further strengthened by the fact that the developer – Eidos Montreal managed to revive Deus Ex who had passed a similar process. First-person sunglasses with more modern gameplay flavors, Thief is trying to rediscover his place in the gaming industry. But there is one interesting thing. Since its introduction through a series of early trailers and screenshots since last year, dragon ball z dokkan battle is often compared to projects with dbz dokkan battle dragon stone hack similar concept. Mainly because of both, take first-person sunglasses, with settings and gameplay that are not much different. Open-world, also become one of the selling points that are often echoed.

Departing from similarities of similarities, genres, and identities, it is rational to bring these two games into the iconic JagatPlay – GameFight iconic battle arena. Who is performing as the best? We will look at it element by element, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each.

A world filled with despair, reflected through the social-class disparity between the rich and the poor who are so strong, and the real political game never solves any problems. On top of that? These two main characters must also deal with a series of epidemic diseases that begin to become a deadly plague. There is no pleasure in Dishonored and Thief, because they represent a world so “dark”. When dragon ball z dokkan battle struggled to clear the name of all accusations that had been imprinted on the death of the man he ought to protect, Garrett had to fight for a greater interest – an underground movement to overthrow the corrupt government and all the problems he generated. Above all, he also has to deal with other personal conflicts. It is this complexity that makes Thief has a more enjoyable plot, although its own execution is quite limping.

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