Finally, Ubisoft Set Release Date Watch Dogs & Madden Mobile

Postponed after the wait and a wave of anticipation is so great, Ubisoft indeed as if drowning Watch Dogs just like that. Apart from so much information that has spread in cyberspace, whether in the form of screenshots or trailer gameplay, Watch Dogs disappear from the circulation of information over the last few months. The game was almost released with a distance of time that is not much different with GTA V is hanging around, especially if we talk about the release time planned for him. Through the presence of a new trailer, Ubisoft finally confirmed the official release date for Madden Mobile.

Speculation has indeed spread from so many sources, with rumors releasing around April to June. But the waiting of almost all gamers around the world finally ended as well. Along with the latest trailer that gives a little background behind the Aiden Pearce action – the main character, Ubisoft finally sets a definite date. The trailer also shows some new characters that seem to have a big impact on Peace’s work, including the technology he will use to “master” the city and get Madden NFL Mobile Hack coins.

When will you be able to enjoy it? Watch Dogs will certainly launch on May 27, 2014, for PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and of course – Xbox One. No details yet whether the bundle that was introduced last year remained valid or not. Prepare your wallet, gentleman!

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