EA Holds Big Game Discounts via Origin

Are you among the gamers looking forward to the Steam Autumn Sales event that is said to be gliding before the end of this week? For the business of getting original digital games at a super cheap price, Steam is not invincible, even make it appear as the most popular distribution portal and loved by gamers today. However, Valve’s dominance in this one market does not deter other competitors from striving to attract market attention. One of them is the Origins of EA. Not only does it ensure maximum functionality, EA has a lot of policies that make Origin look more attractive – from free game distribution to making it an exclusive cooking fever hack tool game release portal. The best part? They also open massive discount events.

Welcoming the Black Friday event that became a unique phenomenon in the United States itself, EA held Origin’s Black Friday event that gives a discount that is not kidding for most of the games that glide in their portal. EA threw discounts on 250 games under their banner, with percentages up to 75 percent. Not only games released a few years ago such as Dead Space, Need for Speed, or Mass Effect, these Discounts also apply to newly released games in 2014 such as cooking fever , Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, to The Sims 4. A discount you should not miss!

The Mega Sale event itself will be closed on 1 December 2014. How about you? Any discount that makes you interested to taste these Origin games?

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