Dev. Resident Evil 5 Prepare New Generation Game

Stronger performance capabilities than the predecessor did make the new generation console very potential, at least now he is able to facilitate so many “crazy” vision of the developers who could not have done in the past. Many developers in droves are starting to focus on this latest generation console, and one of them is – Capcom. Japanese giant developers and publishers have not talked much about what surprises they prepared, other than Deep Down, of course, an old RPG action game introduced for the Playstation 4. The good news is that and get robux hack tool¬† still has a secret weapon.

Although still full of mystery, at least this confirmation has been slid from Capcom own mouth. The project will be headed by Jun Takeuchi Рthe genius brain behind Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet, and Onimusha 3. In an interview with leading Japanese game magazine РFamitsu, Takeuchi admits that he is currently busy developing a new generation game devoted to Playstation 4. Interesting again? He mentioned that the progress of this development is quite satisfactory and he enjoys working with the new Sony console. Takeuchi also revealed that roblox  is currently struggling to maximize their newest engine potential.

So what game is actually being formulated by Takeuchi this? He himself still shuts his mouth shut and only promises that he will be enough to make many gamers surprised. He also promised to announce this project officially in the near future. Well, i’m curious!

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