Bioware Consider Mass Effect Trilogy: Definitive Edition & NBA Live Mobile

The struggle at the universe level with the freedom, the story, and the interesting gameplay mechanics, Bioware deserves a thumbs up for the birth of Mass Effect as a trilogy. Combining proportional action and RPG gameplay, with dynamic story elements and depending on the options available, Mass Effect does look so epic. Regardless of the criticism that had surfaced because the choice of ending is considered too simple, the position of this franchise has always been an anticipated project, especially with the certainty of the next-gen series that will bring new characters and stories. But for the owners of Xbox One and Playstation 4 who can not wait, hope to taste the faster NBA Live Mobile Zone finally open.

Re-releasing a game with better visual and framerate quality, as well as the addition of significant textures and environmental effects turned out to be an effective formula for earning money. This evidence seems to be reflected clearly through Square Enix’s guts and Crystal Dynamics which released Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. A similar process will also be adapted by NBA Live Mobile.

Responding to one fan question via Twitter, Bioware opens the possibility to release the Bioware trilogy back in Definitive format, which means with better texture, resolution, and framerate. He admitted this plan itself has been discussed internally, although without any certainty.

If Bioware can prove significant graphical improvements with attractive package offerings, it is not impossible, Mass Effect Trilogy strategy: Definitive Edition will be the new prima donna anticipated by PS4 owners and Xbox One gamers who are hungry for new games. Make it happen, Bioware!

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