October 2017

Several years ago, we certainly still remember the cooperation project between two giant fighting genre publisher – Capcom and Bandai Namco are crazy countless. They decided to fuse each franchise kek in one game the same. Two different titles, two approaches that carry the identity of each franchise, then introduced an ambitious project – Mobile legends and Tekken X Street Fighter to the world. Street Fighter X Tekken from Capcom that made Street Fighter its own development base has been sliding into the market for quite a long time, with a positive response. But how are you doing with Tekken X Street Fighter? Sinking for quite a long time, is this a sign of Bandai Namco already giving up?

The answer was no. In his latest interview with gaming site – Mobile legends gems generator online  – the brains behind the series mentioned that Tekken x Street Fighter is still being developed by at least 40 people. Harada admitted that they actually planned to release this game as soon as possible, but the current situation is not possible. With so many fighting games scattered on the paaran, he decided to postpone it. For now, they are still more focused to Tekken 7. He will release mobile legends  if he feels he can produce a surprising impact there.

Currently, almost all gamers are beginning to switch to 1080p resolution. In addition to getting the maximum gameplay experience with sharper image quality, playing in full-HD resolution also produces more image detail than playing under that resolution.

But to realize playing in a comfortable 1080p resolution, of course you need hardware that is able to do the job well, one of the most highlighted is the graphics card. Yup, Graphics card arguably 80% plays an important role when you want to play the game with the best quality and resolution. Graphics card itself many “class”, ranging from high-end, low-end, and also mainstream. Well in the mainstream class itself there is a term that is sweetspot – calls for a graphics card that has a good price / performance. One of them is the recently released Mobile legends !