May 2017

No longer just “Modern Warfare”, Activision decided to bring this war to a new level through the latest series announced just days ago – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It became the first product of the three-developer cycle of Sledgehammer Games. Like the name that he stretcher, trailer premiere released a few days ago did show the impression of war with futuristic taste, with the presence of famous actor – Kevin Spacey in it. A dramatic epic war with exoskeleton apparently present as a new gameplay element, Activision does not share much of the Monster legends gems hack information: this Advanced Warfare, however, does not prevent the virtual world from collecting what it needs. Some of the latest details come up.

COD: Advanced Warfare is claimed as a futuristic futuristic FPS game built with the research process, to ensure a reasonable concept of war. Serve as a character named Private Mitchell to be played by the famous voice actor – Troy Baker, you will fight against Atlas Corporation in 2054 – the largest private military company in the world headed by Jonathan Irons (played by Kevin Spacey).

The exoskeleton used by the main character gives different Monster legends gameplay flavors, as it allows you to jump higher and access the area vertically. This armor will also be equipped with cloaking stealth and biomechanic capabilities that provide extra strength, alertness, resilience, and speed. Interesting again? Rumor also mentions the existence of system points that can be obtained from any mission to strengthen your EXO armor, giving it extra capabilities more qualified.

The generation of gaming is already switched, but Sony actually makes their old console – Playstation 3 as a gaming product that looks more attractive. How come? With an increasingly friendly price, this one black console can indeed be called mature at the end of his age. With the best exclusive games released a year before the Playstation 4 released, you can get The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls who managed to get a very positive response. Interestingly again, Playstation 3 is still making some exclusive series of Japanese developers are still worth anticipating. One of them? NBA Live Mobile.

Of all the existing JRPG game franchises, the Bandai Namco Tales series has become one of the most consistent frnaches of the new series. When the latest series – Tales of Zestiria currently being worked on, the new Western market will get the series that was released in 2012 ago – Tales of Xillia 2. Being a direct sequel to the first Tales of Xillia, Bandai Namco will also release a Collector Edition that will Loading some extra content – like figurine and CD music. One for sure, they finally set a definite release date for NBA Live Mobile coins hack .

Through an existing press release, Bandai Namco finally confirmed the date of August 19, 2014 as release date Tales of Xillia 2 English version, remain exclusive to the Playstation 3. Curious what kind of gameplay he offers in a language that you can understand? Some of these videos will be of little help.